Standing Stones

by The Crossing

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released May 24, 2002

Recorded and mixed at Tone Zone Recording, Chicago. Engineered and mixed by Ed Bialach. Assisted by Trevor Wiitala. Mastered at SAE Mastering , Phoenix AZ, by Roger Seibel. Design and layout: Thor Uremovich. Band photos and color correction: Terry Wheeler.
All songs arranged and produced by The Crossing.
All songs copyright 2002 Grrr music/ASCAP.



all rights reserved


The Crossing Chicago

The Crossing is a talented group of musicians firmly rooted in the traditional celtic music featuring bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, cello and harp among their many instruments. They blend original songs with traditional Irish and Scottish jigs and reels as well as atmospheric ballads. With their songs they get you thinking while their instrumentals get your feet moving. ... more

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Track Name: Standing Stones
Out on the lonely moor or high upon the hillside
Standing stones are pointing to the sky
Granite-hard and weathered, left to tell a story
You can see them standing so high

Old ones tell the tales while the young
sit back in wonder
At the mysteries unfolding in the songs
Of heroes and their trials,
of our God’s awesome glory
Now they are the ones to carry on

Far across the ruins of time,
all down through the ages
You can hear the ancient voices faintly cry
Now you are the stones, you are the stories
Tell the people, Lift your voices, Raise them high

We must stand upon the plains
and in the highest places
And the valleys where all choices must be made
We will rise up o’er the green,
also the bleak and barren wastes
To show the springs where the grace of God has reigned

We’re reminders of His love, the lessons of the battle
And a witness to the shedding of His blood
Now we’re standing straight and tall, unmoved by wind or weather
Living stones are now the dwelling of our God
Track Name: Niki
I see you lying there so helpless and alone
I wonder where your thoughts are. Are they going back home?
A little girl just fine, free from any cares
Your legs so strong and healthy running up and down those hills

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

Soon your life would change beneath the clouds of war
Your country was invaded; you were taken by force
Screams of hate and fear became your everyday
I’ve seen your desperation as the memories return

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

A woman with no home, you tried to look ahead
The land of opportunity was calling your name
Did it give you peace? Did you ever feel at home?
Far from your own people you were going on alone

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

Then your close companion was the pain that wouldn’t leave
When your leg was gone you felt that you could not go on

You cry out to your God every day and every night
You know He suffers with you and calls you His own
You won’t reject His name. He is your only hope
And you will meet Him soon when He carries you home

So look across to Heaven and dream of happiness
An endless celebration is waiting for you there
He’s waiting for you there
Track Name: Mourning Into Dancing
My heart within me quakes with fear
Let your joy come in the morning
Let your Spirit hover near
Turn my mourning into dancing

When hatred turns my heart to stone
Let your joy come in the morning
When I’m lost and all alone
Turn my mourning into dancing

When confusion dims my sight
Let your joy come in the morning
Drive the darkness from the night
Turn my mourning into dancing

Weeping tarries for a night
Let your joy come in the morning
Dark surrenders to the Light
Turn my mourning into dancing

When anger to the wind is cast
Let your joy come in the morning
Weave your peace around me fast
Turn my mourning into dancing

Lord, my rock and fortress be
Let your joy come in the morning
Jesus, come deliver me
Turn my mourning into dancing

Encircle me, O Trinity
Let your joy come in the morning
Lord, your joy my strength will be
Turn my mourning into dancing
Track Name: Endurance
In August nineteen-fourteen
Sir Ernest sailed for the Weddell Sea
Twenty-seven souls and he
In the bonny bark Endurance

Sheathed in greenheart stem to stern
With a heart of oak and coal to burn
Beneath each mast a copper coin
To keep her bones from breaking

Oh the sea, oh the sea, oh the howling wind and sea
Through frozen tears and gales of grief
Enduring we shall conquer
Oh the sea, oh the sea, oh the howling wind and sea
With courage, faith, and hope in ye
Enduring we shall conquer

Floes to starboard fore and aft
Her port beam speared by an icy shaft
They broke her heart, they broke her back
Antarctic ice the master

The Boss cries out, “She’s goin’, boys!
Her stack’s gone down between the flows!”
They watched her as her rudder rose
And slowly sank beneath them

Dropping down to eight below
A living gale begins to blow
Tonight they sleep on the open floe
The sun itself is dying

Desolate, dark, an awful sight
The blackness of the polar night
Two months and more without the light
Or warmth of sun to cheer them

Strike the tents, the boats away
The pack is breaking, pull and pray
For Elephant Isle they bear away
Across the Bransfield Strait

Open boats in a hostile sea
The ocean gives no guarantee
Six days from Patience far away
They make their lonely landfall

Cautious Jack made up his mind
Six would leave the rest behind
Praying for their peace of mind
Set sail for South Georgia

Four long months, the days crept by
They watched with weary and desperate eye
When there at last, hope justified
Was Shackleton returning
Track Name: Tossed and Driven
My people are the travelin’ folk
I was born in sorrow
Cast out in the world to roam
No hope for the morrow

I am tossed and driven, lads
By fate I’m bound to roam
I’ve seen that city called heaven, lads
I’m calling it my home; I’m calling it my home

My life was never easy, boys
Seems I never win
Eighteen years of trying, Lord
I’m tempted to give in

My mother’s gone before me now
Whiskey’s claimed my kin
My brothers they all shun me ’cause
I’m trying to get in

If no one here will walk with me
I’ll carry on alone
I’ve seen that place called heaven
Now I’m making it my own
Track Name: I'll Take Your Promises With Me
I come from the proud land of Africa
My home the savanna of southern Sudan
Now home is a city across the wide sea
A jungle of metal and noise and strange men

I dream of a village in Africa
Its peace shattered by shots and loud cries
I run from that place as the smoke rises high
The place where my father and brothers have died

Now home is a shelter in Pinyundo Camp
If home you can label this desolate place
With hope as scarce as the water and food
But God walks beside me, I cling to His grace

I must fly on the wings of the dawn
Banished by famine and fear o’er the sea
Yet I’ll sing in the shadow of your wings
I’ll take your promises with me

My days now are full tending husband and sons
But I look past the fences, I’m longing to flee
Where hunger and fear no more live by our side
Where our children are safe from despair and disease

I bury my daughter in Africa
Deep in the soil of my garden of hope
She’s safe in God’s arms, but I want her in mine
My arms ache to hold her one more time

We go to the land of America
We take our three boys, leave a small mound of earth
A new life to sow where the wind blows so cold
Uprooting our lives in the hope of rebirth

I dream of a village in Africa
And outside my window the snow gently falls
A new baby boy cradled close to my heart
A flicker of hope gives a whispering call

Yet I long for that proud land of Africa
Though violence and pain be her lot on this earth
I grieve for the life that I’ll never know
In a village at home in the land of my birth
Track Name: Psalm 136
Come let our hands, hands be raised
Come let His name, name be praised
Come let our hands, hands be raised
Come let His name, name be praised
His steadfast love endures

Praise Him Lord of lords
His steadfast love endures
Crown Him King of kings
His love endures forever

Ye mountains and ye hills
Ye rivers and ye rills
Let all the earth rejoice
His love endures forever

Fire and hail and snow
And stormy winds that blow
Can’t keep us from His love
His love endures forever

You stars and moon and sun
Give praises to the one
Whose love endures forever
Whose steadfast love endures

You people of the earth
Come sing for all you’re worth
His steadfast love endures
His love endures forever

Our God reigns forever