Baile (Home)

by The Crossing

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released September 7, 2010

Tony's drum by Paul McAuley, Ballycastle, NI.
Bouzouki by Fylde guitars, Penrith, Cumbria, UK

Produced by The Crossing, engineered by Ed Bialach.
Graphic design by Thor Uremovich, cover photo by Terry Wheeler, back cover photos by Tony Krogh, inside band photo by Thomas Wray, tray card band photo by Kevin Scott.

Mastered by Trevor Sadler as Mastermind Productions.
Recorded during the months of October 2008 through May 2010.

All songs © 2010 Grrr Music (ASCAP), except: "For Help and Protection," words written by Joyce Denham, from the book "A Child's Book of Celtic Prayers" © 1998 Joyce Denham, Lion Hudson PLC "Requiem," words by Robert Louis Stevenson. "Columbanus," words adapted from "Boat Song," written by Columbanus, "Turf Lodge" (from "Tribal pipes") music written by Pipe Major Angus MacDonald.



all rights reserved


The Crossing Chicago

The Crossing is a talented group of musicians firmly rooted in the traditional celtic music featuring bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, cello and harp among their many instruments. They blend original songs with traditional Irish and Scottish jigs and reels as well as atmospheric ballads. With their songs they get you thinking while their instrumentals get your feet moving. ... more

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Track Name: The Stirrup Cup / March To The Wars

I'll ride with Ye, my King, I'll take the stirrup cup and swallow
With sword and shield I'll take the field and live or die I'll follow

Nations rant, kingdoms rage, forces joined for war
Sabers rattle, rulers threaten, hear the mocking roar
Mountains shift, the oceans surge, trouble's comin' soon
Whate'er the cost I’ll bear the cross and I will follow You

My arm is weak, my sword is dull, my armor's rusted thin
I struggle with the backward glance, the coward's favorite sin
Fear and doubt can shake resolve, turn day to blackest night
If You, my King, lead from the front I’ll follow to the fight

At times I feel I'm blindly groping, frightened and alone
I think of sons and daughters and the world that they will own
Your gatherin' pipe will loudly sound but will they heed the call?
Will they answer, will they rally, will they stand or fall?

Tho' foe is gone and battle won the war is never o'er
We travel on tho' cheered by none to reach a distant shore
None may know how much we've lost or victories that we've won
Tho' peace may reign, to hold Your standard high we struggle on
Track Name: Roman Rule / The Otter's Holt

Four and thirty years ago my mother bore a child
In spite of all she did for me I grew up running wild
My father ran with Judah's band, was killed by Roman hands
My mother died when I was young, before I'd become a man

Life was all a Roman rule and just to stay alive
I learned to fight and cheat and steal in order to survive

In robbers' roosts and bandit caves 'twas there I learned my trade
They taught me how to use my fists and how to use a blade
Life's hard knocks had taught me well, my conscience seared and scarred
Hide the pain, the guilt, the shame . . . then living's not so hard

Life was all a Roman rule and just to stay alive
Kill the shame, hide the pain in order to survive

The years had flown, I had grown from cave rat to a thief
From bandit to a firebrand was an easy step for me
Then rumors came to tell of one who healed the blind and lame
They said His name was Yeshua, from Nazareth He came

When Life was all a Roman rule, just to stay alive
You kept Messiah in your dreams in order to survive

The sun-baked road to Bethany was where I met my fate
Roman law had found me as I entered through the gate
My life had been a folded fist, a hate-infected wound
This hill of crosses was for me but hope would find me soon

When life was all a Roman Rule, just to stay alive
I kept Messiah in my dreams in order to survive

Then the puzzle came together and I understood the plan
On the cross beside me was God’s sacrificial lamb
As others mock He looks at me and suddenly I see
I'm here because of things I've done. He’s here because of me

Remember me, remember me, remember me
When You come into Your kingdom

Now Rome has swung the hammer and my bones have given way
I'll pay the price for a rebel’s life before the end of day
I struggle now for my last breath if just to scream in pain
As all around me fades away . . . I hear Him call my name
Track Name: For Help And Protection

Oh Christ, You calm the storm at sea;
In tempest sore, be calming me.
Oh Christ, You walk upon the wave;
When sinking fast, my footing save.

Oh Christ, the stricken child You raise;
My spirit lift in joy and praise.
Oh Christ, You heal the man born blind;
Make bright the darkness in my mind.

Oh Christ, You feed the crowd with bread;
With words of truth let me be fed.
Oh Christ, You make the water wine;
Take humble gifts and make them fine.
Oh Christ, the Resurrection morn',
With Your new life my life adorn.

Oh Christ, You calm the storm at sea;
In tempest sore, be calming me.
Oh Christ, the Resurrection morn',
With Your new life, my life adorn.
Track Name: Anam Cara / Columbanus

With sweat and blood and Blackwood pine
We laid her keel and faired her lines
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

With her keel tight-caulked she swims right well
Let torrents fall and wild gusts swell
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

The tempests howl, the storms dismay
But manly strength can win the day
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

For clouds and squalls will soon pass on
And victory lies with work well done
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

Hold fast! Survive! And all is well
You've suffered worse, He'll calm this swell
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

Satan acts to tire the brain
And by temptation souls are slain
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him

With fixed resolve we scorn the foe
With virtues armed we pray and row
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him

The king of virtues vowed a prize
For him who wins, for him who tries
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him
Track Name: Requiem
Under the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie
Glad did I live and gladly die
And I laid me down with a will

This be the verse you grave for me
Here he lies where he longed to be
Home is the sailor, home from the sea
And the hunter home from the hill
Track Name: Home / The Eagle's Whistle

Home, home, home, home would I be
Home, home, home in that High Country
With my God, with my King, with their Spirit filling me
I would dwell there forever in that fair Country

Father kind, ever loving
Son of man who paid the price
And the Spirit, mighty Spirit
Three to shield me from the night

Mighty God, my Redeemer
With Your hand be lifting me
From this dark night of trials
From this world of stormy seas

I am war-torn and weary
As I wander through the night
And I pray my God for courage
To continue with the fight

You began this work within me
Help me not to fail the test
And defend me in my battles
Till You bring me to my rest

In the eye of the Father
In the eye of the Son
In the eye of the Spirit
In the Three who are One

I will bless the God whose power
Encircles land and sea
And I will dance, I will sing
round the table of the King