The Court of a King

by The Crossing

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Herbert Ritter
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Herbert Ritter Flutes, Guitar nice voices and song I like it, that's really celtic Favorite track: The Christ Child's Lullaby.
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released June 1, 1998

"The Court Of A King" was recorded March-June, 1998, at Tone Zone Recording, Chicago. Engineered and mixed by Ed Bialach, with assistance from Roy Montroy. Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering, Phoenix. Scott Knies appears courtesy of Seeds. Thanks, Scott! All songs arranged by the Crossing and Ed Bialach. All songs © 1998 Grrr Music (ASCAP), except "Three Little Drummers," by Robert Beers. Cover illustration by Tony Krogh, Pat Peterson and Janet Cameron. Stonecross font and images on 2,3,6,12 and 15 from Book Of Kells/Celtic art collection, by Ragnarok Press ( Design and layout by Noah Krogh, Janet Cameron, and Pat Peterson. Photography by Terry Wheeler and Janet Cameron, with assistance from Scott Stahnke and Hugo Thysse. (It was sooooo hot!)



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The Crossing Chicago

The Crossing is a talented group of musicians firmly rooted in the traditional celtic music featuring bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, cello and harp among their many instruments. They blend original songs with traditional Irish and Scottish jigs and reels as well as atmospheric ballads. With their songs they get you thinking while their instrumentals get your feet moving. ... more

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Track Name: Righteous Joseph
When righteous Joseph wedded was to Israel’s Hebrew maid, the angel Gabriel came from heaven, and to the Virgin said: ‘Hail, blessed Mary, full of grace, the Lord remain on thee; thou shalt conceive and bear a son, our Savior for to be”:

Then sing you all, both great and small, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell! We may rejoice to hear the voice of the angel Gabriel.

Then Joseph thought to shun all shame and Mary to forsake; but God’s dear angel in a dream his mind did undertake: ‘Fear not, old Joseph, she’s thy wife, she’s still a spotless maid; there’s no conceit or sin at all against her can be laid’:

Thus Mary and her husband kind together did remain, until the time of Jesus’ birth, as scripture doth make plain. As mother, wife, and virtuous maid, our Savior sweet conceived; and in due time to bring us Him, of whom we are bereaved:

Sing praises all both young and old, to him that wrought such things; and all without the means of man, sent us the King of kings. Who is of such a spirit blest, that with his might did quell, the world, the flesh and by his death did conquer death and hell
Track Name: Dark the Night
Dark the night lay, wild and dreary moaned the wind by Melchior’s tower, sad the sage, while pond’ring weary o’er the doom of Judah’s power: when behold, the clouds are parted—westward, lo, a light gleams far! Now his heart’s true quest has started, for his eyes have seen the star.

Now, Lord Jesus, hear our calling, deep the darkness where we stray; how shall we, mid boulders falling, know for Thine the rough-hewn way? Lo, a light shines down to guide us where Thy saints and angels are! Now we know Thy love beside us; for our eyes have seen the star.
Track Name: That Night In Bethlehem/Frost on Your Fingernails/Cold Barn
I sing of a night in Bethlehem, a night as bright as dawn. I sing of that night in Bethlehem; the night the Word was born

The skies are glowing gaily; the earth in white is dressed. See Jesus in His cradle drink deep at His mother’s breast

And there on the lonely hillside, the shepherds bow down in fear when the heaven opens brightly and God’s message rings out so clear:

“Glory now to the Father in all the heavens high; and peace to His friends on earth below,” is all the angels cry.
Track Name: The Christ Child's Lullaby
My love, my treasured one are You, my sweet and lovely Son are You. You are my love, my darling, You; unworthy I of You.

Your mild and gentle eyes proclaim the loving heart with which You came; tender, helpless tiny babe with countless gifts of grace.

King of kings, most holy One, God the Son, eternal One. You are my God and helpless Son, High ruler of mankind.
Track Name: In Dulci Jubilo/Lark in the Morning/The Bridal Jig
In dulci jubilo, Now sing with hearts aglow! Our delight and pleasure
Lies in praesepio, like sunshine is our treasure matris in gremio.
Alpha es et O! Alpha es et O!

O Jesu, parvule, for Thee I long alway; comfort my heart’s blindness,
O puer optime, with all thy lovingkindness, O princeps gloriae.
Trahe me post te! Trahe me post te!

O Patris caritas! O Nati lenitas! Deeply were we stainéd
per nostra crimina; but thou for us hast gainéd coelorum gaudia,
O that we were there! O that we were there!

Ubi sunt gaudia in any place but there? There are angels singing
Nova cantica, and there the bells are ringing in Regis curia.
O that we were there! O that we were there!
Track Name: Three Little Drummers (from Africa)
Three little drummers stood on the high ground. They walked all about and they circled around. When they were abreast, three in a line, then off they did go for to follow the sign.

Valley and stubble and river and rill, three little drummers came over the hill. Three drummers from Africa leading the way to play for the baby on Christmas day.

Baker and beggar, soldier and Jew who do as they will or as other men do. When they were abreast, three in a line, then off they did go for to follow the sign.

Sheep in the pasture did wander afar, to join with their brothers and follow the star. When they were abreast, three in a line, then off they did go for to follow the sign.

Then cities did open and nations arise to follow their kings and the light in the skies. When they were abreast, three in a line, then off they did go for to follow the sign.
Track Name: Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker I Jesu føderum, der samles mine tanker som i sin hovedsum. Der er min lengsel hjemme, der har min tro sin skatt; jeg kan dig aldri glemme, velsignet julenatt!

Den mørke stall skal være mitt hjertes frydeslott, der kan jeg daglig lære Å glemme verdens spott. Der kan med takk jeg finne hvori min ros består, når Jesu krybbes minne mig rett til hjerte går.

Men under uten like, hvor kan jeg vel forstå at Gud av himmerike i stallen ligge må! At himlens fryd og ære, det levende Guds ord skal så foraktet være på denne arme jord!

My heart often visits the place of Jesus’ birth, with the cattle lowing and the star shining down the whisper of angels—here my thoughts gather round. And my longings are at home and at rest and my faith finds its treasure on this Christmas night blest!.
How can I forget this vision, the dark stable filled with creation and Creator, this place is a foretaste of joy complete! I come here daily to roam, leaving behind the world’s mocking scorn and seeking ways to speak, to sing your glorious praise.
How long the memories linger of this ancient manger, a crib of wood and hay—and the miracle within and beyond all this is God appearing here in this stable small and rude. He came, but was despised on this poor earth-Him, the eternal honored Word.

Akk kom, jeg op vil lukke mitt hjerte og mitt sinn og full av lengsel sukke: kom, Jesus, dog herinn! det er ei fremmed bolig, du har den selv jo kjøpt, så skal du blive trolig her i mitt hjerte svøpt.

Jeg gjerne palmegrene vil om din krybbe strø, for dig, for dig alene jeg leve vil og dø. Kom, la min sjel dog finne sin rette gledes stund, tt du er født her inne i hjertets dype grunn!

Yet I can offer Him a dwelling place forever—here within my heart. I am here; “Please come, sweet Jesus,” I sigh, “come to this heart that is your home. I know it is no strange place I offer you for it has been built and bought by you. Here you can come back in to your creation, and I will wrap you gently in my heart and soul. If I could, I would place palm branches all round your feet. For you I will live, and for you I will die. I have found complete joy, as in my heart you are born anew.
Track Name: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God rest you merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay,
remember Christ our Saviour was born on Christmas day,
to save poor souls from Satan’s power which had long time gone astray.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.

From God that is our Father, the blessed angels came,
unto some certain shepherds with tidings of the same;
that there was born in Bethlehem, the Son of God by name.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.

Go, fear not, said God’s angels. Let nothing you affright.
For there is born in Bethlehem, of a pure virgin bright,
one able to advance you, and throw down Satan quite.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.

The shepherds at those tidings, rejoiced much in mind,
and left their flocks a feeding in tempest storms of wind,
and straight they came to Bethlehem, the Son of God to find.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.

Now when they came to Bethlehem, where our sweet Savior lay.
They found Him in a manger, where oxen feed on hay,
the blessed Virgin kneeling down, unto the Lord did pray.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.

With sudden joy and gladness, the shepherds were beguil’d,
to see the Babe of Israel, before His mother mild,
on them with joy and chearfulness, rejoice each mother’s child.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.

Now to the Lord sing praises, all you within this place,
like we true loving brethren, each other to embrace,
for the merry time of Christmas, is drawing on a pace.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.
Track Name: The Court of A King
I came here so ragged, I followed truth’s star; a chorus of angels has led me thus far.
I came as a beggar at the feet of a Babe; just one more debtor who never can pay

I am no ancient, no shepherd, no king. I have no gold, no gift do I bring.
I’m only a man here who’s remembering when this lowly stable held court to a King

I came seeking wisdom—nearly missing great grace! The hope of all ages lingers still in this place.
The wind carries whispers of cries from that night, when all those who sought Him found joy in His light.

We’ve travelled this path for two thousand years with dreams, hope, and longing,
with sorrow and tears. Now on this bright morning we’re called to carry on to the cross where we start our own journey home

He is the Ancient of Days, the true King. He came bearing gifts: God’s love did He bring.
He calls to us softly—this Babe, eternal Word; the Lion of Judah, our Savior and Lord.